Saturday, February 27, 2016

Coral Stick

Coral Stick
10.5in.H x 48in.W x 6in.D
this is a wonderful piece, but is difficult to photograph because of it's length...... I kept a small coral stick, found on the beach, in the studio for 2 years wondering how I might keep it stabile standing up... got nowhere...
just brain locked...then one day a friend asked if I had ever thought of it this way... I made 2 over  the next few weeks... this one and a thinner, skinnier one, now  owned by old friends
Albert and Tina LeCoff of the Wood Turning Center in Philadelphia... both pieces have remained a favorite of the last number of years of wood firing and they both have attracted maximum attention when they are  shown...
thanks A & T... your support has been fantastic... 

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