Friday, September 30, 2016

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Lava Wall Tray

this wall tray remains a favorite from the wood kiln
vibrant surface, active flame path and rich color
I remain fascinated by it's character...

Monday, September 26, 2016

Working the pile

working the pile...
each fall the shed has to be filled
to heat the studio and house
it's a little late due to my hernia surgery
but me and the mesh are holding up well...
week or 2 more and i'll be set...

Bulging Spiral Pot

Bulging Spiral Pot
Worn Turquoise Glaze
12.5in.H x 8in.W

Ochre Funnel Pot

Ochre Funnel Pot
16in.H x 12in.W

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Oval Lava Bottle

Oval Lava Bottle
12in.H x 14in.W x 10in.D
as the earthenware continues,
a gentle reminder of the wood fired
pieces...they remain elusive, mysterious and very beautiful to me... 

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The Shroud Pot

recent events have reminded me of this piece very strongly...
assisting Gracie with Karen
passages of many sorts, many emotions, much wonder...
thank you Gracie for the honor of helping...
this was made from watching my son Wyatt before he was born, years back,
as his arms and legs would dance across his mother's stomach...
such contradictory events creating such similar images
life in all it's stages holds many forms together...
it's been called the Shroud Pot since I can remember
a name first used by Jackie Davidson when she initially encountered it...

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Potter's note

Warm greetings everyone…
i have been asked to send along a note to the potters [from a list from the center] who might be coming to the Karen Karnes celebration at “Old church” on Sept 17th.
I know for many the distance is too great or commitments prevent your attendance, so please understand that pressure has no part in this.
Part of the event is to be a Pot Luck supper. All of you know how Karen loved food. It was one of the great pleasures of her life and pot luck dinners were her favorites.
So I’m writing to ask that you go all out for this one. Bring your most favorite food allowable with the travel and time considerations available to you.
For those non cooks find your favorite deli, cafe or fine food shop and indulge us with a real treat. My own experience has always been that dinners among potters have always been the best.
Excellent food, beautiful presentations and of course wonderful company. So please lets all, together, help ease Maria’s concern that there may not be much food
and send Karen a feast to remember as we honor and celebrate her life and work… 

 if possible, please spread this message to any friends and co-conspirators in the clay world you know, who might be interested…

thank you…

Rob Sieminski