Saturday, May 5, 2018

The FINAL "Lure to the Tour"

Maine Pottery Tour...the final "Lure to the Tour"...if this doesn't work I'm not sure what's been a long haul, but the weekend arrived this morning, with heavy winds all night, no power and a lot of wondering on my part... finished up the final preparations and with not much time left the power came back on...took a shower and headed to the grocery for cookies, chocolate
and salty crackers for the tour guests,
with tea and coffee... as I returned at about 10:15, Wyatt told me we already had visitors and he followed my instructions to a T... " all I got out of it Dad, was a brochure"...they were Jehovah's Witnesses...first visitors of the tour...I'm sure there's a message in there somewhere
though like many messages, at present I haven't a clue what that might mean? So.......... this is my Virtual Tour... to encourage those who might not think it worth the drive and for all those too far away to make it... PLEASE do not believe that having seen these bad snapshots, you know about these pots... until you sit/stand in front of them, see them with your own eyes and heart and soul, you have no idea what they are... it takes time and contact to experience the energy and magic they possess and then to benefit from it... there are many things a cell phone or a computer cannot if you find any of this interesting, please consider a visit...if not now, sometime in the future... I hope you might find these curious enough to act  and I hope someday to meet you here in the environment that helped make them... I'll keep the kettle on... safe travels...

Friday, May 4, 2018

Lure to the Tour"

A Whiskey Cup and a Saki/Shot Cup from this evenings opening  of the kiln...along with some nice bowls... it's done now... place some of these and I'll be ready in the gallery... finally...need a big sleep tonight!'

Thursday, May 3, 2018


would you like to come and see my etchings????
Maine Pottery Tour this weekend...May5-6
stop on in and enjoy the daffodils...