Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Mudflat Surface Pot

Mudflat Surface Pot
12in.H x9in.W
these pieces were made near the beginning of my wood firing times...
visually started by memories of the Delaware mudflats
I saw when traveling in an old Plymouth Valiant, down to see my parents along old route 9...
they changed each time, revealing a continuously morphing and eroded surface with each change in tide...
I still find these pots beautiful and intriguing and am glad to have kept them...
you're right though... they're not smooth and shiny...

Monday, May 9, 2016

Craftspeople in their own words

To any and all who love crafts and craftspeople...
Valerie Hector, Ken Giardini, Susan Levi-Goerlich and I [David Bacharach] would like to invite you to get a rare " insiders look" at the lives, businesses, struggles and successes of craft artists from all over the country [our friends and coworkers], who spend their lives making and selling their artwork through craft shows, fairs, galleries and catalogues.

For the past year and a half fellow craft artists Valerie, Sue, Ken and I have donated our time and efforts to collecting, editing and assembling 80+ stories and 280+ images for this incredible book. It's finally available as a digital edition.

Because this book's sales directly benefit CERF [the Craft Emergency Relief Fund] we ask that you donate $35 or more to our Generosity campaign and order your book there. We will send you a link to receive your digital copy. If you would like to donate $100 to CERF you will receive the beautiful print edition [when it is published this summer]. Or, if you prefer, you can go directly to Amazon with this link to purchase and download a digital copy today for $9.95.

You can read more about the book as well as some sample stories at our website Craftspeoplebook.net.
Thanks to all of you for your support of craft artists everywhere,

David, Valerie, Ken and Susan

Whiskey Cup/Underlined Flash

Whiskey Cup/Underlined Flash
4in.H x 4in.W