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Thursday, July 6, 2017

The Trough Tray w/ Ash Jewel

The Trough Tray w/ Ash Jewel
4.5in.H x 33.5in.W x 12.5in.D
Wood Fired Stoneware

this one is too big for the backdrop,
thus the angle and cutoff...
a beautiful piece for a large dining table or a console table in the entryway

Oval Lava Pot w/ Ash Jewel

Oval Lava Pot w/ Ash Jewel
22in.H x 12.5in.W x 10in.D
Wood Fired Stoneware

one of what Wyatt calls the "Big Honkers"
this piece is magic and a favorite from the wood kiln...

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Termite Mound Pot

always called the termite mound pot from it's original source
with the image below perhaps it's a mud volcano
or of course perhaps a bit of both with a little thermal vent thrown in too...

Termite Mound Pot
21in.H x 14in.W x 9.5in.D
Wood Fired Stoneware

Mud Volcanoes

from "Drain the Ocean"
these are mud volvanoes
and fit right in with my clay mind of late...
reminding me of the termite mound piece above...from a while back...
similiar no???

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