Friday, April 6, 2018

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Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Maine Pottery Tour..."Lure To The Tour"

Maine Pottery Tour..."Lure to the Tour"
making more of these now to be ready!
click on image to enlarge...

Monday, April 2, 2018

Workshop Schedule Soon

Hi everyone...
I am working on the dates for my summer/fall workshop schedule
these will be 3 day weekend events with the possibility of a 7 day total clay immersion also
all info will be available here soon
just trying to figure out the dates...
a complete hand building event will be had with good food, lots of pot making and conversation on all levels about surviving as a potter...
I'll be here all day and night trying to help you improve your skills, free up your mind and have a good time while doing it...
so many thank yous to this wonderful group from New York here in Feb.
they were a fantastic help in bringing this dream into reality...
dates to come very soon!

Conglomerate Pot in Turquoise

Conglomerate Pot in Turquoise
20in.H x 9in.W x 7in.D
Red Earthenware

Lava Bowl w/ Coral Interior

Lava Bowl w/ Coral Interior
4.5in.H x 14.5in.W
Wood Fired Stoneware

Sunday, April 1, 2018