Thursday, January 28, 2016

Oval Lava Geode Bowl

Oval Lava Geode Bowl
14in.H x 18in.W x 16in.D

the glassified "Jewel" is created in the kiln, from wood ash melting
on the glaze, running and then collecting in a pool of liquid flux, which slowly becomes glassified... click on image to enlarge....

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Lava Hive w/ Pin Lid System and Lid Details

 Lava Hive w/ Pin Lid System
16in.H x 14in.W
another favorite from the last 2 kilns
I saw these pieces 40 years ago in my mind... it took a long time to get here, technically, intellectually, emotionally and yes, most importantly, obtaining the craftsmanship necessary to make such pieces... yes that's right... the craftsmanship...
this piece is an outstanding example of where I'm trying to go...

1.Remove pin...
2.Slide latch out the side of pot...
3.Place finger through hole in lid and lift lid...

Tall Oval Pot w/ Facets and Lid Details

 Tall Oval Pot w/ Facets and A Recessed Multiple Lid System...
18in.H x 10in.W x6in.D

Monday, January 25, 2016

Lava Turner

 Lava Turner
17in.H x 11in.W

I love this piece, simple as that...
to my eyes it's beautiful
and an excellent example of what I'm reaching for...

Traditional Lava Pot...

Traditional Lava Pot
11.5in.H x 9in.W