Thursday, August 24, 2017

Geyser Vent Pot /JK

Geyser Vent Pot
19in.H x 10in.W
Hybrid...Wood Fired Stoneware/ then 02

a complex and eternally varied surface with encrustation and accumulation reminiscent
of mineral deposits on a vent or chimney...

Monday, August 21, 2017

Oval Bottle/ for JK

Oval Bottle w/ Dimpled Surface
and Firing Scar
22.5in.H x 15in.W x 10D
Wood Fired Stoneware

during firing these pieces slumped on the wads, just being heavy and large... then tipped into the adjacent pot next to it on the shelf... the spot was ground down and filled with some gold leaf... these pots are very involved with the light in the room as it's changes... changing light changes the surface quality in a myriad of is fascinating to watch over time... tough to photograph though...

Studio Window

outside the studio window, now in mid, becoming late August...