Monday, April 25, 2016

Shot Cups/Maine Pottery Tour

3 Saki/Shot Cups
$50 ea. SOLD...
the Maine Pottery Tour will be this weekend folks
hope you are all preparing to see the many potters working in Maine...
I'll be reminding you, there are small works here too for the next few days...
I placed all the pots in the gallery before surgery
as moving them now is not possible...
so... I'm ready as soon as some paint dries...
then a snapshot tour of the packed gallery for those unable to travel so far...
come meet me and my cane...
the cane can be very funny!
as my friend David would say..." I'm loaded for bear"


  1. hi, I like to buy those 3 cups. Can I mail you a $165 money order include the freight?
    my address: 119 Curtis Ave, Beckley WV 25801.
    Please let me know as soon as possible, Thanks.

  2. Roy...sorry but there is a waiting list for these... you are next in line as I am waiting to hear from customers yesterday and one from a week ago... I'll let you know as soon as I can... thanks for your interest...

  3. Ok, waiting your reply. Do you have any cups or bowl like that price? Thanks.

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  5. hi, Rob, Do you have any cup left after the show?

  6. Roy... if you send me an email address I'll send along pictures of the cups I have now... send to