Friday, April 20, 2018

Rice Bowl..."Lure to the Tour"

Rice Bowl
4in.H x 7in.W
Wood Fired Stoneware
Multiple Firings
Black and White Shino

this bowl and the following three come from earlier days in my studies in the wood kiln
I was adventurous, experimental and excited to try anything and everything in an attempt to push surface qualities beyond what I knew at the time... the more unexpected, contradictory and unrepeatable the better...
free of the expense drain of divorce back then, it was easier to risk shelves of bowls for the few exotic ones...
I was searching for rich fat runs, strange color mixtures and shinos I never dreamed possible...
one of the many benefits of cleaning the studio for the workshop was finding these 4 bowls tucked away on the back of my many shelves of pots, awaiting the time and patience required to grind and polish the feet...something not so available when cleaning pots from a firing right before leaving for a show... usually at the shows these Exotic bowls were scoffed at... "where's the craftsmanship in these" they would ask or suggest they were a bit too sloppy and choose something "cleaner"... I began to think that perhaps I was wrong and they truly were ugly... as wrongheaded as that sounds, as wrongheaded as that is...
no one wanted to pay for them and what they were worth [to me], thinking a production bowl across the way was more to their liking... these thoughts are always debatable and today I found a quote speaking exactly to my mistakes here: "Comparison is an act of violence against the Self" Iylana VanZant...
so since necessity is the mother of invention, they are here at what to me is a very modest price for you to consider... if one of these is left in a thousand years, as an idea of my doing my job, I hope they say he did well!

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