Friday, July 12, 2019

A great one...

this piece remains my favorite from the fall/winter and the work for Demarest
it came out of nowhere and I still love it, but only have the pictures
as it was sold ...[my thanks J &A for your continual support]...
I've been told a lot lately that I need to change my work
make something "new" as if that's all that matters
as if this isn't "new" for me
I've always thought Rothko did pretty well with squares and rectangles
and his example is good enough for one told him to change to triangles did they?
and if they did, did he listen?
this though is /was another change among the many of my time as a potter...
part of growing older is you begin to realize
most people you meet have no idea what you used to make
what it looked like or more importantly why it might have been nicely thought of...
anyway, as soon as these cups and plates in the studio are finished
it's time to have some fun again and start from here......looking forward to that...
the bear told me to do it today...

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