Saturday, August 15, 2020

Seed Hive Pot

Seed Hive Pot
15in.H x 13in.W
Raku Earthenware
Doubled Walled w/ Ring Lined Interior
Japanese Riverstones in Bottom

this from "Strange Tales From The Gallery"
"The Mannered and the Mismannered"
gather around the campfire folks......

in the early days of the gallery, the center of the room contained a low square table, perhaps 3 feet square...pots were placed there, including this one and I enjoyed the openness it allowed... one afternoon a woman with her daughter arrived and I walked them out as I always do...she was very soft spoken, elegant and kind...her daughter was equally kind and very well mannered...we talked as usual, were having an enjoyable conversation and they were in the process of deciding on something when the hurricane came two women with two children arriving like the preamble to a bad storm...loud, rude and running around the small space like destruction off a leash ready to break woman announced that she had made pottery but it didn't look like this, in a manner so outlandish, the first woman held her daughter closely as they tried to squeamishly slide out the door apologizing as they left...the noise was deafening...I turned around to see one of the remaining women trying to grab and remove one of the red cones in this pot, shaking the square table to do so and after succeeding announcing to me that the piece was broken, how could I be selling it? I tried to prevail upon her with the idea that I had just watched her break it, shaking the table to do so, but to no effect as she continued to insist it had already been broken...though this was not a new experience for me... [I'd had years of watching folks break my pieces at craft shows and spew denial at me until they left]...this time was so entirely bizarre that as the kids nearly knocked 2 pieces off a shelf, I asked them as politely as I could muster... to leave...after an absurd amount of indignation on their part they walked out the door and across the yard to the I reached the corner of the house, slightly later from closing the door,etc. and stepped toward the drive, I came upon two grown mismannered women in shorts squatting down as close to the ground as possible considering their size, making pissing sounds, in front of their daughters, continually stomping up and down imitating peeing sounds saying:"I wonder what he thinks about this?"...I came around the corner and they continued, saying:"see us, we're pissing on your driveway! psssssssssss...psssssssssss" .....speechlessly, I said"you guys are great", not having a clue how to respond...then they stood up and left.....

one day things are mismannered in the gallery and another day someone walks up the drive and changes your life...
just keep smiling...

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